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Grand Isle Lake House Weddings

This is a great image taken at the Grand Isle Lake house. I think it's important to photograph every single person that attends your wedding. Taking a picture of everyone at your wedding might not be on your typical wedding photo must-have list. But, yet it is such a great souvenir. And it’s so easy! All I need is a ladder and 10 minutes to set up and take the photo. I would capture this shot following the ceremony. We know for sure at that moment, all the guests are in one spot.

I photographed this wedding in Summer of 2017. It was a lovely celebration. The bride and groom were from Colorado. They chose to get married at the Grand Isle Lake house because they had attended school in Vermont. I talked them into taking the group shot as they had not thought about it before speaking with me. I assured them that we would be able to get the photo without any hassle. The house has a huge porch, so I didn't even need a ladder.

Grand Isle Vermont Wedding Photographers

The Grand Isle Lake house is a unique wedding destination. The house is all yours, for the duration of your stay. The property size is 55 acres across 2,500 feet of Lake Champlain. Many Lake House weddings are 4-5 day celebrations instead of the typical 2-3 days. The scenery is stunning and makes you want to prolong your stay. It feels like you are walking into a home in comparison to walking into a hotel. The managers are warm, welcoming and full of fun surprises.

I arrived early to start photographing the bride getting ready and the details. The coordinator, friends, and family were busy setting up for the wedding ceremony. It had a nice "backyard wedding" feel. Everyone was lending a hand. No one worried about people at the hotel that were not a part of the celebration. Because they had rented the whole house, everyone there was part of the celebration.

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The Grand Isle Lake house furnishing is elegant shabby chic. Comfort and quality blended. Each room has unique interior décor with full bathrooms. There are 13 rooms customized to accommodate 32 people. The rooms have king-sized beds, private baths, and wood flooring. Large windows overlook a spectacular view.

Can you imagine getting married along the shore of Lake Champlain? Under trees, on beautiful grounds and with a gorgeous sunset over the Adirondack Mountains. The Grand Isle House, known for its scenic views of the lake, lush green meadows and sunsets. Another bonus of the Grand Isle House. There are excellent spots around the House to get your perfect Vermont Wedding portraits. Talk about a Vermont wedding paradise. You have it all here. It is the ideal retreat for family and friends for your special occasion.

Wedding Portraits at Grand Isle

I will speak with you about where we will take your wedding portraits on your wedding day. Whatever site we choose for your photographs, will be stunning! This is your opportunity to build lovely memories of a lifetime. The Lake House is a place you will want to come back to every year. I would recommend you spend your anniversary returning to this magical spot. Imagine taking a stroll in the lush meadows. The Grand Isle Lake House is your ideal location to retreat, unwind and celebrate. Ideal place to get hitched. Perfect location to relive the wedding years after its over.

Even the food is delicious! Your stay includes continental breakfast and dinners. All the groceries are coming in from local sources. Vermont has artisan specialists who aim to provide you with the best-quality local food.

Grand Isle House Weddings

You have a range of venue options within the house to host special events and dinners. The coordinator will set up a tasting for you to select the best menu for your wedding day. If your guests have any dietary considerations, the restaurant will tailors the dishes. The menu is customized according to season and availability of local products. Grand Isle Lake House is a unique treat for everyone.

Whether it’s the sunrise or sunset, this is one of the most beautiful venues for a wedding. Everything about this place is bound to make you feel nostalgic and make you want to get back to relive those special moments. There is an air of peace about this place that only Vermont can provide.

Grand Isle Lake House Reviews

Here is a recent Review from Wedding Wire

Our wedding at the Grand Isle Lake House was perfect in every way, and we give enormous credit to Sue Bumbeck and her amazing staff for making the experience so easy and fulfilling. Sue is so relaxed, capable, efficient and supportive that the entire experience went without a hitch. We are an older (60+) couple who decided to have a "real" wedding, and Sue made it feel like it was our first time--so, so special and elegant. The venue is spectacular, the food was amazing, the staff was excellent--I can't rave enough about our experience. It exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

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If you are getting married at the Grand Isle Lake House, I would love to hear all about your wedding.

The Grand Isle Lake House is located in Grand Isle, Vermont

To plan your wedding at the Grand Isle Lake House, Here is the contact information.

Phone: 802.372.5024


Location: Grand Isle Lake House 34 E Shore N, Grand Isle, VT 05458

Location: Grand Isle Lake House 34 E Shore N, Grand Isle, VT 05458.

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