Groom's Delighted Parents at Ceremony
Amy Bennett Photography

I aim to get everyone’s reactions during the ceremony, not solely those of the bride and groom. The couple’s parents’ reactions are one of her favorites to capture because a child’s wedding is nearly as important and life-changing for their parents as it is for the couple. It’s great to see the reaction on parents’ faces because they are sincerely thrilled and delighted for their child and his or her future. You can tell that the parents are thinking about how far their kids have come over the years and what an important and culminating moment this is in their development.

         Parents are proud of their children on their wedding day, just as they have been on countless other days throughout their child’s life. It’s natural that they would want to document the moment themselves by snapping a few pictures or videos with their cell phones. I urge against this, not because I think that the wedding photographer should be the only one allowed to photograph the wedding, but because the presence of cell phones takes away from reaction photos like this one. Besides, weddings are an experience and no two are exactly alike (as no two couples are the same). Guests should not be attempting to experience the wedding through their phone screens. It is simply not as genuine of an experience. 

Location: Dummerston, Vermont.

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