Lake Champlain Vermont Wedding Kiss
Amy Bennett Photography

Eliza and Travis held their wedding at their friends’ summer cottage in Addison, Vermont. Both of them spent summers on Lake Champlain with their families when they were growing up, so the location choice was nostalgic, as well as a great way to make new memories in a familiar and timeless place. 

Rainy Weddings in Vermont

There was no backup plan in place in case it rained on their wedding day. It poured. Fortunately, weddings are ripe with miracles, and the rain stopped just long enough for the ceremony, resuming nearly directly afterward. There was so much fog on the lake, it looked like clouds were coming off the water. In this picture, it was really misty because the rain had just left and was about to come back in.

The lighting was interesting for this photo because it was pretty dark with clouds blocking much of the sunlight. The bride and groom really pop in this shot because the background looks almost white. This effect is similar to taking photos in the snow, which really allows for the couple to be evenly lighted and shine as the focus of the photo. This photo is the perfect example of why couples shouldn’t worry about bad weather on their wedding day because this beautiful shot wouldn’t have been possible on a bright and sunny day. 

Location: Addison, Vermont .

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