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Killington Resort: The Perfect Vermont Wedding Location

Killington Mountain Resort is one of the top wedding locations in Vermont. Your big day deserves to be celebrated in a big, unforgettable way. Breathtaking views, fantastic hotels, and lots of fun things to do…these are just some of the top perks you get to enjoy when visiting Killington. So why not celebrate your wedding there, too?

Destination weddings are the best. Naturally, one of the first things you would need to host a dream destination wedding that nobody would forget anytime soon is to pick the right venue. And we like to think that the Killington Resort has all the makings of being one!
With a venue capacity of up to 251- 300 people, whether you want to have a big wedding or a relatively intimate one with fewer people in attending the Killington Resort can comfortably accommodate both. The resort offers you the option to have your wedding ceremony in some setting; ballroom, waterfront, restaurant and even the hotel can all be used as settings.

The food and drinks served at the wedding need to be amazing.  Killington Resort offers fantastic food and catering services. The resort even provides you with wedding planners who can help you to host the best possible wedding in Vermont. From what décor would look best, to what setting would be most suitable, any themes, floral arrangements, etc. you can plan all details by collaborating with these planners.

How successfully the wedding unfolds depends on to a great extent on the service staff you have at hand. The Killington Resort takes the cake even in this department. Couples who have had celebrated their wedding at this gorgeous place are all praises for the super professional and reliable staff working at the Killington Resort.

It would be a shame to throw such a fantastic Vermont wedding and not have a wonderful wedding photographer covering the event! Luckily, Vermont has some talented wedding photographers. One such professional Vermont wedding photographer is...ME!

The Killington Resort

Website: The Killington Resort

Phone: 888-64-GRAND

Locations: 228 E Mountain Rd, Killington, VT 05751

Location: 228 E Mountain Rd, Killington, VT 05751.

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