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Vermont- How does where we live affects who we are?

Vermont, also known as the Green Mountain state, is located in the northern and western hemispheres at a longitude of 44.5588 degrees and a latitude 72.5778 degrees. Vermont is bordered by Quebec, Canada in the north, New Hampshire in the East, New York in the west, and Massachusetts in the south. The landforms include Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains including Mt. Mansfield and Camel's Hump, deciduous forests, and other natural landforms. Cattle, arable land, water, forest, and mineral resources are some of its natural resources.

Vermont has a long cold winter. To enjoy this cold period, people have adapted by developing an interest in winter sports such as skiing and hockey. I like alpine skiing. To modify their homes in the winter, many people have wood stoves and fireplaces. Therefore, they use wood from the forests. The beauty of Vermont, the four seasons, the snow for skiing, the colorful leaves in the fall, the mountains, the summertime never being too hot, and the climate being gentle are some of the things that attract people to Vermont. These are also the things that I love about living in Vermont. Vermont is a small state with a low population, so people don’t have to worry about traffic. People usually move away from Vermont because of the snow and cold weather and because the work opportunities are better in other states.

In Vermont culture, the social norms that are used include shaking hands when meeting, eye contact while speaking, and eating with a fork, knife, and a spoon. 94.1% of Vermonters speak English, 2.5% speak French, 1% speak Spanish, and 2.4% speak other languages. About 34% of people in Vermont are involved in a particular religion.

In Vermont, I value the Green Mountains, the different seasons, and the lack of billboards to distract from the beautiful landscape. That is what most people also value in Vermont.

Three major events that have impacted the state are Vermont achieving statehood, the Green Mountain Boys, and September 11th. Vermont became the 14th state on March the 4th in 1791 after the 13 original colonies formed the United States. The Green Mountain Boys were a militia organization led by Ethan Allen, who fought in the American Revolution to achieve independence from Great Britain. They captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British. On Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, the twin towers were attacked and destroyed in New York City by terrorists. This terrible terrorist attack impacted Vermont, as it did the rest of the United States, because Vermonters no longer felt safe in their country.

Location: Vermont.

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