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Make Up Tips for Charleston Wedding

Brides ask me a lot about my thoughts on Makeup for a Charleston Wedding. As a Charleston Wedding photographer, I definitely have an opinion about this matter, because makeup can make a huge difference in how you look on your wedding day. Here is my list of things to think about on your wedding day.

Be very careful about sun exposure in the days and weeks leading into your wedding. BRING A SUN HAT to Charleston and WEAR it in the days leading up to your wedding. Also, make sure to generously apply sunscreen. Especially watch out for tan lines. The last thing you want is tan lines! And NO, I can't photoshop your tan lines away...Just be careful!

Go EASY on the eye makeup. The sun can be strong in Charleston and most likely, your ceremony will be outside during full sun hours. I will do my best to limit the shadowing in your eyes, but it doesn't help when your eyes have thick black makeup. It just isn't a pretty look. Natural and light eyes are always the best way to go. Fake eyelashes are great, just make sure you get used to wearing them before the big day. I have heard many times from brides that the fake lashes were VERY hard to get used to on the wedding day. You might want to do a test run with the fake lashes before your big day.

Make sure your face tone matches your body tone. It can be very distracting when your face is a shade off of your body due to makeup OR sun exposure.

If you want to go heavy on the eye makeup, consider going heavy AFTER the sun goes down. Apply the night look after your guests have sat down for dinner.

Don't wear anything glossy or glittery. With glossy lips, you run the risk of your hair getting stuck on your lips. Glittery or shiny skin will reflect the sun and become a hot spot on your face that is difficult to fix.

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