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How can you Help the Bride Get Ready for her Wedding Day?

Is your sister or best friend getting married? If yes, then you will probably be helping the bride with wedding preparations and helping her to stay relaxed amidst the chaos that can precede a wedding.

Whether your loved one has decided to tie the knot at a rustic Charleston barn, a country club, bed and breakfast or historic Inn, you will be in charge of helping the bride get ready! Your job is to be with her the morning of the wedding. There are a lot of things to do and she will appreciate your help more than you will ever know!

Here are a few ways in which you can help the bride on her wedding day:

Act as a Buffer

The wedding morning can be chaotic; with people making sure everything gets done on time! There will be a lot of visits from relatives. Your Charleston Wedding Photographer will arrive and hope that the situation is under control. As a sister or friend, you must keep the bride away from all the craziness. It is her big day, and we want it to be as wonderful as possible! So, act as a buffer between the bride and the stress. Also, keep an eye on her emotional and physical state. If she is hungry, get her some food! If she is thirsty, be the first to get her a drink. Everything that you can do for her will be appreciated.

Gather the Wedding Details

Take the shoes out their box, the dress out of the wardrobe and the jewelry out of the locker. And put everything together in one spot. Everything that the bride needs should be in one place so that she does not have to rush to find anything while getting ready.

Make Sure the Room Is Ready For Photographs

Getting-ready photographs are wonderful. Make sure the room is prepared. Help the bride organize things so that the room looks clean and organize. Place the bride’s accessories, shoes, perfume and makeup on a counter, take the dress out of the packing and hang it on a cute hanger and make sure there is enough light in the room.

Keep Track Of Things

Save the bride from the stress of keeping track of everything by taking o that role yourself. Keep track of the time, be in touch with the wedding party, make sure the wedding party arrives on time, people who are going to accompany the bride to the venue get ready on time and other small things like that. This is important to ensure everything goes as planned without the bride stressing over these little things.

Make Her Eat

Having food is usually the last thing that a bride thinks about on her wedding day. It is the duty of those around her to make her eat a healthy meal so that she gets the energy that is needed for the long day. So, no matter how stressed she is, make sure she eats something that is filling and nourishing.

Wedding day stress is real, but as a friend/ sister of the bride, it is your responsibility to make sure the stress does not get the best of her and she has the getting-ready experience that she wants.

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