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Mount Pleasant Wedding photographers

This is a stunning portrait of Brandon and Natalie in the flowers in the gardens of mount pleasant sc.

This wedding couple had an incredible wedding. We were so very lucky with the gorgeous lighting on this wedding day. It was completely overcast with intermittent rain. This might not be a bride's idea of a perfect Mount Pleasant wedding day, but this photographer was thanking my lucky stars.

The high clouds meant that I could photograph anywhere and not worry about the shadows that harsh sunlight creates on my subjects. We could play around in the gardens and capture photos from every angle. It was super fun! Especially, because Brandon and Natalie were up for anything. They are a very special couple. I am very lucky to call Brandon one of my oldest friends. We were in the same class at a small ski academy called GMVS. We graduated with only 16 students in our class! Natalie is also a former ski racer. So their wedding was a reunion of sorts. Full of old friends.

Mount Pleasant Wedding Location

Branden and Natalie’s wedding showed me once again how gorgeous weddings can be! Photographing a wedding at a new location is always so fun because you see the venue with fresh eyes. From the moment, you walk onto the property, you are looking for special places to photograph the couple. Special places where the light is beautiful, and the background is equally as nice.

There are a ton of great wedding locations in South Carolina but having the opportunity to photograph weddings at different locations is amazing. Wedding Clients often as me for my opinion on wedding venues in Charleston. They will ask which locations I like the best and why. As I write this, I have only recently moved to Mount Pleasant. I have completed 15 years of wedding photography in Mexico, California and Vermont before returning to South Carolina. So, it is GREAT to book weddings at new locations. Especially, when the location ends up on my list of recommended South Carolina wedding venues. I get such a kick out of photographing weddings at new locations. It is so good for the creative spirit to be able to explore new locations.

Mount Pleasant Wedding Pictures

Natalie got ready with her sister, close friends from college and her wonderful mother. We created some beautiful getting-ready photos and had some sincere mother and daughter and sister-sister moments.

The bride and groom decided not to have a first look. I think they made a great choice! There was plenty of daylight to work with and Brandon and Natalie weren’t against spending time away from their cocktail party. Sometimes it makes sense to do a first look, but in this case, I agreed that it wasn’t necessary. After the ceremony on the hill, we went to the gardens to do the family portraits, the bridal party portraits, and the couple portraits

Candid Mount Pleasant Wedding Photography

We want candid, natural shots. Is it okay to skip posed portraits?

A wedding is an opportunity where everyone is together at the same time - looking their best! This is an infrequent and unique occurrence and only happens once in a lifetime. No matter how much you think you don't want portraits, you'll likely be glad you have them after the wedding. And, your parents will be delighted.

Minimizing the portrait session means including only the essentials: the bride and groom together, the entire wedding party, the bride and groom with their parents, the couple with the bride's immediate family, the couple with the groom's immediate family, and both immediate families together.

We recommend that you do the minimum of staged wedding photos if you really don't like or want them. But, do not discount what your parents and grandparents want!

We agree with you that for the majority of the day, go with candid photos rather than posed photos, WE LOVE spontaneous candids of people, décor, and activities.

We also make sure to take candid photos in "editorial spaces" This is called stylized candid photography.

For example, we might move furniture and clean up before photographing the getting ready session. Our photos are still candid but not strictly photojournalistic. The advantage of stylized candid shots is that they can tell the story of your whole day, from different angles and perspectives, without too much manipulation. A dynamic compilation, it's fun, surprising, and full of life.

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