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Charleston Bridal Portrait Sessions

Being a bride is a once in a lifetime moment. You want your bridal portraits to turn out incredible! You will look back on your wedding portraits from time to time to relive the memories of your incredible day. There are certain things to take care of to ensure the perfect portrait session. Here are tips you could follow to get your Charleston bridal shoots right.

Wedding Photography Posing

I will be able to help you work yourself into attractive poses. It's fantastic if you can practice a few poses on your own before the wedding day so that you can feel relaxed. Check yourself out! I know that you are going to feel silly and that's okay! Work on figuring out your favorite side by taking selfies. Or, hold a small mirror in your hand facing a larger mirror. This technique will help you determine which side of your face you like more! Everyone has the best side. Figure out which one is yours.

Also, try to hold your arms away from your body as that makes the body appear slimmer. Stand with good posture. Pull your shoulders back. Pinch your shoulder blades together. Elongate your chin and smile with your eyes. Breathe. I promise you can still look relaxed, even after putting in all that effort.

Get lots of sleep

If you feel tired, it will show in your images. You don't want puffy eyes and dark circles in your photos. Make sure that you cleanse your face every day and keep yourself hydrated! Put on a quality moisturizer before going to sleep. Finally, I would recommend that you exfoliate twice a week to revive your skin cells. This will give you a natural, radiant glow.

Try on the dress

Put on your dress before the wedding day to make sure you are comfortable. You will want to schedule a final dress fitting. Also, experiment with different accessories. This will help you know which looks best with your dress. Get in touch with Charleston makeup artists so that your makeup is on point on wedding day.

Hire a Charleston Photographer

I am a professional Charleston photographer. I have years of experience photographing weddings in Charleston. Listen to your photographer's tips on how to get you the best results. I have experience with brides, dresses, and curated spaces. I know what is necessary to make the dress look great in photos. I know the locations and beautiful light to do your photo session. Some of my favorite places to shoot are Boone Hall Plantation and

I will back up the photo data, as technology can, at times be unpredictable. You won't have to worry about losing your pictures if you hire me. I have the appropriate equipment to do the job and make your images turn out beautiful. I believe in backing up my digital photos three times as soon as I return home from a photo session. This way, I don't have to worry about technology breaking down.

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