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Your Basin Harbor Wedding

The Basin Harbor Resort is the perfect venue for your Vermont wedding. It is clearly one of the best Vermont wedding locations.

The Basin Harbor Resort has all the elements that make a destination wedding in Vermont great.

The Basin Harbor Resort gives you not just one but nine Vermont wedding venues for you to choose from. The best part is that they all play out a unique dream wedding. You will find everything you have dreamed of for your Vermont wedding at the Basin Harbor Resort.

Here are four spots that will make your Basin Harbor Wedding one for the books.

Exquisite Endeavors at Ardelia’s

Most of your wedding guests will expect a fine dining experience for your destination wedding in Vermont. At this Basin Harbor restaurant, you will find picture perfect decor, aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements, and delicious food.

The restaurant in Basin Harbor caters to your Vermont wedding theme and mood. It will surely make your Vermont destination wedding one to remember.

Garden of Eden at the Orchard Garden

One of the many reasons people choose Vermont weddings is for its natural beauty. Those who love nature will be amazed by the fragrant fruits and colorful flowers found in the Orchard Garden.

This amazing Vermont wedding venue is a place where the bride can walk down an aisle of greenery and luscious trees.

This Vermont wedding venue symbolizes a promise that your new marriage will be as sweet as the flowers and fruit of this orchard.

Quaint Beginnings at Town Hall

Do you want your Vermont wedding to be a little more old school?

The Town Hall at Basin Harbor is the ideal spot for you to have your Vermont wedding. The Town Hall at Basin Harbor has been a long standing member of Basin Harbor. It is adorned with bold black chandeliers and radiates an old-fashion vibe.

This Vermont wedding venue fits great with classically themed weddings.

Shimmering Waters at the North Dock

The lakeside setting of the North Dock is the perfect Vermont wedding venue for you to choose in Basin Harbor. The North Dock is perfect for night events and celebrating under the starry sky.

Accompanied by the shimmering waters of Lake Champlain and some magical music, this Vermont wedding venue is sure to make your wedding day special.

Basin Harbor Wedding Photographer

Flying in a professional wedding photographer can be a hassle if you don’t live in Vermont.

When you choose to have your destination wedding in Vermont, it’s a good idea to go with a Vermont wedding photographer. Make sure to hire the best Vermont wedding photographer to really capture the magic of your wedding day!

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