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Black and White Engagement Photography

As a Charleston photographer, I get to play with beautiful colors in my photography. Fall brings reds, oranges, and yellows and, of course, spring and summer are GREEN. Even though the colors are absolutely gorgeous, I love to take shots in black and white too. These shots allow the focus to truly be on the couple and their connection. This photo of Will & Sophia snuggling up to each other is adorable in color and in black & white, but this version of the photo more quickly draws the eye to the expression of joy and love on Will's face. After which your eye goes down to the ease and contentment on Sophia's face. The light in this photo is interesting because it forms a sort of halo or spotlight around the couple in the center.

The Best Way to Pose For Engagement Photos: Touch

The best part of this photo is how much of their two bodies are touching. Not only is she snuggled up to him, but their arms and fingers are interwoven. In a photo, physical connection expresses love or emotional connection in a way that nothing else can. Physical touch may or may not be your love language and it may or may not be your partner's love language either, but it is, without a doubt, a tool of showing connection in your couple's portrait photography.

Practicing touching each other before your engagement session will help you to get the photos you want quickly and practicing touching each other (to be clear, intimately and comfortably, but not sexually) during your engagement shoot will help you to get the intimate and romantic photos you want at your wedding much more easily. As much as having an experienced wedding photographer can be helpful and help you to get all of the moments captured that you desire, you are the master of your own photography because you are the only one who can truly control your body and your physical connection with your partner.

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