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Tell me about Charleston Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are an excellent foundation for your wedding photography. They function as a rehearsal in the sense that we can figure out how you best photograph together. During your engagement session, you'll get to know me and learn how I shoot and handle posing and lighting. Most importantly, you will feel comfortable around my camera on your big day because of the practice you had during your session.

What an engagement session SHOULD BE

  • A practice session to figure out how to be authentic in front of my camera
  • A learning experience. You will get to know the cadence of my work. I will learn how you interact and discover your best angles. This allows me to get more spontaneous shots on your wedding day
  • An opportunity to get some great photos of the two of you in your favorite clothes at your ideal location

What an engagement session SHOULD NOT BE

  • Cliché and overly posed
  • Full of complicated costumes and dozens of outfit changes
  • I love it when couples pick a place for the engagement shoot that is special to them in some way. If you can't think of anywhere specific that you would like to shoot, I can help you decide on a location. I have experience photographing at farms, campuses, urban areas, beaches, rivers and ski resorts. Call me while you're brainstorming. Creativity is welcome!

My ideal location is convenient and well-manicured and has a good variety of textures and exciting spots.Some couples won't be able to make it to New England before the wedding week. If this is the case, we will find a time to meet up in the days leading up to the wedding. Alternatives to an engagement session can include a family session or rehearsal dinner coverage at the wedding site. We can discuss more options!

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