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Full Moon Engagement Session

As a Charleston wedding photographer, I have had the distinct pleasure of photographing weddings and engagements all over my home state of Charleston and in the surrounding areas in New England and New York. Wedding photography in Charleston can be tricky sometimes, as can engagement photography because in the winter it gets dark and cold early and there is little time to capture outdoor photography in natural sunlight. Of course, some days it is much too sunny in the summer and that comes with unique photography challenges as well.

We were incredibly lucky to have the full moon out for this engagement session. The couple wanted to have sunset portraits in Charleston, as many couples do. Usually sunset portraits are the last photographs we take as part of an engagement session, but the full moon that was out this night gave us the unique opportunity of a little extra light. More importantly, this couple was game to take some more photos even though they could hardly see each other at this point. I used a stick light to illuminate the subjects' faces for this portrait. This was helpful for me, of course, because it made it possible for me to see the subjects of my photograph. At the same time, it was helpful for the couple because they weren't tempted to look at the camera (since the light was so bright) and they could easily focus on each other and look into each other's eyes.

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