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Reasons to Have Your Engagement Session at Your Wedding Venue

This beautiful couple, Kim and Mike, got married at Reading Farm Estates in the summer of 2018. Their wedding was one of my favorite weddings to photograph of the 2018 season because they were lovely people and their bonds (both with each other and with their families and friends) were so strong. Everyone was a blast to photograph.

Before their wedding, however, Kim and Mike decided to do their engagement shoot at the location of their wedding reception. Of course there are so many great places to do engagement sessions in Charleston and I never mind when couples use their engagement session as an opportunity to check out some of the beautiful locations in Charleston that they don't intend to have their wedding at. At the same time, having your engagement session at your wedding venue is great for so many reasons.

1. You get to check out the location. Find your favorite spots. Scope out where you might want to have your first look. Let yourself dream about your wedding day with this location as the backdrop.

2. I get to check out the location. This might seem the same as the first reason, but keep in mind your wedding photographer will be looking at things through a different lens. (Pun intended.) If we are are taking photos inside, I will be able to get an idea of how the lighting will work on your wedding day. If we're shooting outside, we won't be able to get a perfect sense of the lighting because we won't be able to predict how it will be different in a different season or weather, but we will be able to figure out which locations will be great for photos. Any spots with water are usually good because we'll be able to get cool reflections and colors in the warmer months.

3. You might get a chance to talk to the location/events coordinator at the venue and we could take a guided tour if you haven't had one already or if we decide we want to get photography-specific recommendations for the venue. Getting to know the staff at your wedding venue can be very helpful because wedding vendors and event venues work with a lot of clients every year and it's ideal for them to be able to put a face to your name. The more memorable you are (provided that they remember both of you as polite and friendly), the more your vendors will really want to help you have the wedding day of your dreams. This will make your wedding day better for you, but it will also make it better for them because it will feel more special than just a regular day of work.

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