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I started my photography career shooting family portraits. Back in my ski racing days my Mom would tell the story about how I would travel the World yet only take pictures of people. Seldom would I take a picture of the scenery or the location. The pictures could have been taken anywhere in the World, she would say, but to me the people were the story. That is why I love being a Charleston, SC portrait photographer.

I believe the best portraits tell the story of the person. They show personality, a unique trait that makes them you. As with my Charleston, SC wedding photography, I want to get to know you prior to shooting your portrait. I believe that connection and friendship will come through in your images. I love photographing my friends and my family because I know them so well. It is tons of fun and we get so many great images. David laughs because our girls instantly pose when I pull out the camera, because I have practiced on them so much.

Early in my photography career, I specialized in family portrait photography. To me, family portraits are so precious and sacred. I love senior portraits or sport photographs and will even photograph your family’s pet!

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