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I want to share with you a bit of myself in order to help you gain a full appreciation for my vision and philosophy behind senior photography, My busy family of five has spent the last seven years living in some of the most picturesque places in the world. I’ve photographed on the breathtaking beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, captured love on wild mountainsides of Lake Tahoe, and the romantic vineyards of Napa Valley.

My family and I have embraced and been welcome into other cultures and places. I would not change this journey for anything in the world. However, over the years, there remained a longing in my heart that I could not fully articulate or identify at times. I longed for something more for my family. In a moment of clarity, I realized: I wanted to go home. I wanted to envelop my family in the security of the green mountains. I craved the taste of local and organic Vermont food. I wanted to know my neighbors. I hoped to raise my girls in a community with an appreciation for the simple things. Mostly, I wanted to return to a place where the essence of myself and my family could thrive and grow.

We moved home to Vermont.

I share this journey because it truly impacts my vision for what kinds of photography services that I would like to provide for my clients, and in particular, senior portraits. I imagine that most of us raise our children in Vermont for similar reasons. While embracing the splendor of this gorgeous state, we can allow our children’s natural beauty to develop and grow. We can throw on our Birkenstocks and put our hair in a ponytail, and still know that our natural beauty shines through. While we can certainly get dressed up for a night out, we are aware that Vermont accepts us for exactly who we are. We are authentic.

Senior portraits have long been a rite of passage for graduating students. Sometimes, the images often do not reflect the actual essence of who we are. It has always struck me as unfortunate when I see a senior portrait that is stiffly-posed and heavily-photoshopped, especially in Vermont where our desire is natural beauty. It is my goal as a portrait photographer is to capture the authentic essence of your child.

With the help of our natural landscape, I use the tools provided by mother-nature to assist us in our session. Vermont is so graciously helpful in this way! The light from the setting sun, the colors of the trees, and shape of the mountains all help to provide the natural backdrop for the ideal photographs. My goal is to have you and your parents look at the pictures for years to come and feel as though the depth and essence of your beautiful child were indeed captured.

For this to happen, we work in a partnership.

The images that I capture are a reflection of you and your child’s desire for our session. While I am there to offer technical and artistic guidance based on my experience, you are truly the guiding vessel.

Having three children of my own, I understand what it takes to make this a fun and comfortable session. I can relate to both the parent and seniors perspective, and accordingly, can help to create the images you will love and be proud to share.

We chose to live in Vermont for a significant purpose, and I hope that my portrait can capture it.

(1.5) Hours with Amy Bennett - $500

What will you get if you book a Vermont Senior Portrait Photography session with me?

  • Photography by Amy Bennett
  • Secured online sharing of all high resolution images edited, corrected and ready to print through your own personal on-line gallery.
  • Color corrected and artistically edited high resolution gallery of all selected images delivered through an online download.
  • Full access rights to all images.
  • Approximately 50 images per hour of coverage.


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