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Charleston Bridal Portraits

This elegant bridal portrait was taken by Amy Bennett. Surrounded by friends and family, this couple had a magical day. With heavy rain subsiding just before the ceremony, the night could not have turned out any better. I love the freedom and flow of this dress. Noni was so sure of herself and I love the confidence in her look.

This was an interesting Charleston wedding venue. It was a pretty barn but it was a lot of work for the wedding coordinator to set up the event. They also brought in a Charleston Tent for the ceremony. This made me think of passing on some information about Charleston wedding venues. Keep reading for more information!

Five Things You Should Look for in a Charleston Wedding Venue

Charleston is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the US, and I am proud to call myself a Charleston wedding photographer. The state serves as a gorgeous backdrop, especially in photography, which makes Charleston weddings so great!

If you’re looking to get married in Charleston, picking the perfect venue is an important step to take. As a wedding photographer, I’ve been to tons of venues. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of 5 essential things you should look for in Charleston wedding venues.

1. Does the CHARLESTON Wedding venue Offer Custom Decor?

One of the most important things about a wedding ceremony is the decor. Every couple has a dream wedding in mind, which includes exactly what the wedding decor looks like. Does the venue offer custom decor to allow you to throw your fairytale wedding?

Make sure to research different venues. Ask the management about the catering and decor services. Make sure that you get the dream wedding you’ve always imagined--whether that’s a beautiful grapevine setting or a fall-themed wedding or anything in between. You want to make sure that custom decor is available so that you can live out your dream wedding at the venue you’ve chosen.

2. Will the venue accommodate all your guests?

The best Charleston wedding venue should be able to accommodate your entire guest list. Whether you are planning to hold an intimate wedding with just you and those closest to you or going all out with a large guest list on your wedding day, the Charleston wedding venue you choose must be able to hold all your guests. Ideally, you should have an estimated number for the number of guests you are planning to invite to your wedding so that your selected venue to responds to you in time.

3. Is it a Full-Service wedding venue?

A full-service location is a perfect place to host your wedding because they will make your wedding day easier by offering all sorts of amenities required to celebrate your wedding day. A full-service wedding location is great if you are short on time. On the other hand, if you are pre-planning your wedding and want to make all your hopes and dreams come true with your own efforts, you might not want to select a full-service location.

4. Do They Facilitate Weddings in Different Seasons?

You and your spouse-to-be probably have a good idea of what season you plan to hold your wedding in. This is an important factor to consider during your hunt for the perfect wedding venue. Therefore, when looking for a Charleston wedding venue, don’t forget to ask the management about whether or not they facilitate weddings in different seasons. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is there air conditioning for an indoor summer wedding?
  • Is there a heating system for fall and winter weddings?
  • Will there be a tent arrangement for an outdoor wedding?
  • Will there be a shelter or backup plan in case it rains?
  • It’s important to keep these factors in mind to make sure that you and all your guests are well taken care of.

5. What are the Cost Considerations?

The heart wants what it wants, but the budget doesn’t always allow it to. When looking into possible venues for your Charleston wedding, don’t forget to ask about the total costs to be incurred, the rental fees, the facilities included in the amount you pay, the deposit amount, and the refund policy. Planning your dream wedding should always fall within your budget.

Best Charleston Wedding Photographer

One of the major highlights of your wedding is the memories you get to treasure in the future. Being the best Charleston wedding photographer, I can fulfill your photography desires and encapsulate the magic of your wedding day in photographs to treasure forever. So, if you’re planning a wedding, don’t forget to contact me for the best wedding photography in Charleston!

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