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Reasons Stowe Mountain Resort is the Best Vermont Wedding Venue

Located in the epicenter of the ski capital of the East, Stowe Mountain Resort is the wedding destination in Vermont in that you have been dreaming of.

Whether you’re looking to have your Vermont wedding in the summer, amidst colorful flowers in the spring, in a stunning fall atmosphere, or during snowy winter days, Stowe Mountain Resort is bound to exceed every single one of your Vermont wedding expectations.

The picturesque landscapes and luxurious amenities make Stowe Mountain Resort one of the best Vermont wedding locations. Stowe Mountain Resort not only boasts the perfect Vermont wedding ambiance for the couple, but it also makes for an adventurous place, offering plenty of activities for you and your wedding guests.

Given the beauty of Stowe Mountain Resort, it is no wonder that it is one the favorite places for a Vermont wedding photographer.

Take a look below for some reasons why Stowe Mountain Resort is the best Vermont wedding venue for you!

Stunning Mountain View

The breathtaking mountain view is what makes Stowe Mountain Resort one of the best Vermont wedding locations. It’s great for couples who love adventure or are thrill-seekers.

The lift system at Stowe Mountain Resort includes a gondola that will take you and your wedding guests up to the top of the mountain for an unforgettable Vermont wedding ceremony. Everyone is sure to be captivated by the beauty of the mountains up and down the lift.

Perfect Vermont Wedding Photography

You and your partner can ride in golf carts around the Stowe Mountain Club golf course, which offers numerous perfect spots for wedding photos. Don’t forget that the natural mountains view offer backdrops that every Vermont wedding photographer is fond of having in their photos.

Every Vermont wedding photographer swears by the beauty and freshness of the golf course and considers it a top choice for Vermont wedding photography.

Luxury Accommodations

Stowe Mountain Resort offers quiet, cozy, and full-service accommodations. The lodgings at Stowe Mountain Resort have a classic vibe to them that captures a stylish yet romantic atmosphere.

The best thing about the accommodations at Stowe Mountain Resort is that they are affordable and made to suit your desired tastes. The interior of the hotel is as beautiful as the natural beauty of the exterior.

Top-Notch Spas

The Stowe Mountain Resort is also famous for its amazing spa where you and your partner can unwind before your Vermont wedding day. The spa and wellness center has been newly renovated to look amazing and boasts a long list of services.

Whether you want to destress before your Vermont wedding or shake off the exhaustion following the big day, the spa services at the Stowe Mountain Resort will leave you feeling amazing from head to toe.

Stowe Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer

These are just a few reasons why Stowe Mountain Resort is one of the best Vermont wedding venues. Once you pick Stowe Mountain Resort for your wedding, you will easily see why it is such a popular wedding destination in Vermont.

After you’ve booked Stowe Mountain Resort, you need to pick vendors! Make sure to hire the best Vermont Wedding Photographer to capture every moment of your Vermont wedding day!

Location: 7416 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672.

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