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Timeless Charleston Wedding Portrait

Jenny and Erick were married on their family property on the New York shore of Lake Champlain. It was full of family, tradition, and history. I am so fortunate to be a Charleston wedding photographer and on days like this, I have to pinch myself. I was so lucky to be a part of this day!

This fabulous property featured a traditional farmhouse, vineyards, a rustic barn, an amazing guest cottage, and incredible lakefront fields. Following a wonderful first look in the vineyard, we moved to family portraits around the house. There were so many family members in attendance and I was honored to photograph so many generations. I can only hope that a few of these pictures make their way onto the barn wall someday.

The couple exchanged vows overlooking Lake Champlain and it was simply stunning. I loved the tractor that arrived with a canoe full of local beers for the guests to enjoy during the ceremony. Not only did it quench their thirst, but it also got the party started. For those beer lovers out there, the canoe was loaded with Heady Topper, Sip of Sunshine, and Focal Banger.

We were fortunate to have the rain hold off long enough to get some beautiful portraits at the lake following the ceremony. Then we hopped in a gator and hauled up to the barn to beat a quick shower. The rain stopped and the evening was flawless. There was wonderful food and some serious fun.

As a Charleston wedding photographer, I get to travel almost every weekend to some super-fun locations. I loved being able to take the ferry that evening as David and I cruised across Lake Champlain back home to Charleston.

Unique Detail to Consider: Local drinks are always a big hit, especially if they are unique to the region and hard to find. In this case, the canoe full of beer was perfect at the ceremony and it made its way back up to the barn for the reception.

Favorite Photography Moment: I loved the family portraits at this wedding. There was so much tradition and history at this property and so many generations.

Location: Essex, New York.

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