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Why You Should Choose Topnotch Resort for Your Vermont Wedding

When you begin the wedding planning process, one of the most important decisions you will make is where to hold your Vermont wedding.

The Topnotch Resort is one of the best choices for your wedding venue.

Nestled at the foot of Mount Mansfield in Stowe, the Topnotch Resort combines the charm of a ski lodge with its lavish amenities. This makes it one of the best Vermont wedding locations. Many couples choose this Vermont wedding venue to make their dream wedding a reality.

As a Vermont wedding photographer, I can confidently say that this is one of the best places to get married in Vermont. Topnotch is a picture perfect location and is great for hosting weddings.

Here are some reasons why Topnotch is the perfect choice for your Vermont wedding venue.

Huge Event Spaces

The Topnotch Resort is spread over 9000 square feet and offers a spacious event location, which makes it perfect for a grand wedding.

The revamped ballroom and event spaces with modern windows, awe-inspiring artwork, and plenty of natural light make the Topnotch Resort a great place for Vermont weddings.

Regal Suites

The suites and guest rooms are another reason why you should choose the Topnotch Resort for your Vermont wedding.

All the suites are stylish and modern yet extremely comfortable. They are equipped with world class furniture, textiles, and art pieces. The Topnotch Resort aims to make your wedding guests’ stay memorable!

Scenic Beauty

The Topnotch resort is surrounded by the evergreen mountains of Vermont that make an exquisite background for your wedding pictures.

The alluring landscapes and natural charm of the Topnotch Resort make it one of the favored spots for Vermont wedding photographers.

Unbeatable Spa Services

The spa at the Topnotch Resort is one of the most popular in the U.S. It offers amazing spa and massage services that will leave you feeling refreshed before your wedding day.

For romantic couples, the Topnotch Resort allow you and your partner to enjoy side-by-side treatments in an intimate setting. This is the perfect way to get some alone time following your Vermont wedding.

Spa services are a must when it comes to wedding preparations. Having this amazing spa makes the Topnotch Resort an ideal location for destination weddings in Vermont.

Topnotch Resort Wedding Photographer

If you want to make your wedding day as special as possible, the Topnotch Resort is the best Vermont wedding location for you.

Once you have this amazing Vermont wedding venue booked, don’t forget to hire a wedding photographer. The best Vermont wedding photographer will capture all the important moments of your wedding day at the Topnotch Resort.

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