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Weddings at The Hildene

Destination weddings are always fun…only when you get the destination right!

And no, you do not have to go crazy with the budget and go somewhere super exotic to throw a wedding which nobody would ever forget. There are so many marvelous places that can work as the dream location for your destination wedding. And with that in mind, what could be a better location for your destination wedding than one of Vermont's beautiful towns? Irrespective of the town you choose, you will not be disappointed since every one of them is beautiful in its way. 

One of such towns in Vermont is Manchester. Serene to the core, this town has some fantastic places where you can have your dream wedding at. For example, The Hildene at The Lincoln Family Home! There are a couple of reasons why this beautiful place works as a great wedding location. First of all, if you plan on throwing a reception that has a good number of people coming, then there's plenty of space for that. The even tent house at the Hildene can entertain up to 200 wedding guests. 

The building accompanying the event tent house has restroom facilities. An excellent wedding location has to have some restroom facilities! If you are lucky and there are no events being held at The Beckwith Room on the same day as your wedding, you could even rent that out for more space. 

However, the number one reason why The Hildene is recommended is its gardens at the back. They offer a stunning backdrop for your wedding. Just imagine walking down the aisle with your sweetheart on your arm amidst those lush, beautiful gardens. And of course, the guests too would get to feast their eyes on the scenic surroundings; the fact that The Hildene is set on a high hill the guests are provided with an opportunity to take in the wondrous view of the hills and mountains surrounding them. 

There are plenty of other perks that The Hildene also offers which makes it such an ideal place to host your dream wedding at. A 1000-pipe organ at the entrance hall, breathtaking walking trails, an observatory, the Museum Store, etc. are just to name a few. Of course, no wedding in Vermont is complete without there being excellent Vermont wedding photographers to cover the wedding! If you are looking for some excellent professional Vermont wedding photographers to capture those perfect moments, contact me!  The more options of Vermont wedding photographers you have, the easier it would be for you to choose one which suits your budget just perfectly.

Location: Vermont.

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