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Looking for the perfect venue to hold your Vermont wedding? The Basin Harbor Club can help!

The Basin Harbor Club allows you to celebrate your wedding in a picturesque vacation spot on Lake Champlain, Vermont. They have been receiving wedding couples and their guests for over 132 summers since its formation in the 1890s.

I love to shoot wedding photography for the Basin Harbor Club because they have so many venues to choose from. Each venue will allow you to have amazing wedding photos. No matter which of the following venues you choose, I will make sure you have the best wedding photography done.

Indoor Venues at the Basin Harbor Club

  • The Ardelia, which was previously the main dining room, is conjoined with the Lodge Lawn that showcases a bed of soft green grass. It is an ideal place for a wedding reception or a rehearsal dinner, where you can benefit from a never-ending availability of cocktails, over delightful post-wedding conversation.

  • The Ranger Room is the club’s one of the most popular wedding locations. It is the ideal place to hold a reception, rehearsal dinner, or have drinks with your friends after a long day of celebrating. It overlooks the pool and gets to sit on the marble terrace as you enjoy delicious cocktails. You can be sure you will have amazing candid wedding photos when holding your reception at this venue.

  • The Town Hall is for all those who want to have an elegant wedding that takes place inside a room. With 17-foot tall ceilings and windows, the deck, and The Sun Porch, the Town Hall room is a charming place to hold your wedding. The natural light from all the windows also guarantees amazing wedding photos for you and your husband or wife.

Outdoor Venues at the Basin Harbor Club

  • The Wedding Arch is solely and only to be reserved for the wedding ceremony. You will fall in love with the venue the minute you set your eyes on the pearl white chairs set upon the bright green grass, surrounding the marbled aisle that you can walk down all the way to the altar. The Wedding Arch will guarantee that you have stunning wedding photos from your ceremony to cherish for a lifetime.

  • The Lodge Lawn is the kind of place that will take your breath away in an instant. Sitting high above the bay it lets the visitors in on the most splendid view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. The surrounding is covered by trees which gives a very fantasy like the atmosphere and serves a unique setting to get married in. The breathtaking views will provide you with the best wedding photographs.

  • If you want a splash of color for your wedding ceremony and reception, then the Orchard Garden is your best bet. The white chairs, set on the lush green grass, and surrounded by the bright colored flowers under the spring sun will make for the perfect afternoon wedding. This beautiful venue will surely add a burst of color to your wedding photographs.

Lake Champlain Wedding Venues at Basin Harbor Club

  • If you would rather hold your wedding in a moving venue rather than a stable ground, yet still want a beautiful background for the ceremony, try The Escape boat. It is set in the middle of the gorgeous Lake Champlain or the Palisades Cliffs, and it can hold up to 48 passengers. Your wedding photographs will be something special with the sparkling water of Lake Champlain in the background. Your wedding photos will be even more magnificent if you choose to take a sunset cruise.

  • The North Dock is a dreamy wedding location that would persuade you to hold your wedding ceremony or at reception there, with just one look. The cool breeze of the lake, coupled with a magnificent view of the sun setting in the Adirondacks, will have you continuously thinking of the wedding day in years to come. It provides a beautiful setting for your wedding photography session, too.

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