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Grand Isle Lake House: A Guide to a Low-Key Vermont Wedding

Grand Isle House Weddings

Are you dreaming of an intimate Vermont wedding?

Most people will tell you that you should have a large Vermont wedding reception. However, if you are someone who cherishes privacy, then a low-key Vermont wedding celebration is the right choice for you!

Vermont weddings have always been popular because of the beautiful scenery and gorgeous landscapes that the state has to offer. Surrounded by nature, Grand Isle is one of Vermont’s most beautiful towns to host a low-key, intimate Vermont wedding. A hidden jewel that hosts amazing Vermont weddings is the Grand Isle Lake House. This wedding venue is great for low-key destination weddings in Vermont.

What is a Low-Key Vermont wedding?

Low-key Vermont weddings are known for being semi-formal, mellow, and simplistic. With only a few close loved ones on the guest list, a low-key Vermont wedding is the exact opposite of grandeur and features a minimalistic design.

A low-key Vermont wedding will give you ultimate privacy, definitive details, and a personal touch. A casual Vermont wedding will also be extremely stress-free. The ideal location for your Vermont wedding is the Grand Isle Lake House. This Vermont wedding venue is quiet and beautiful.

About the Grand Isle Lake House

This is an ideal lakeside Vermont wedding venue that gives you the wedding you have always dreamed off. Take a look below to find out some of the top features of this wonderful wedding location.

Fairytale Vermont Wedding Reception

Did you know that the Grand Isle Lake House stretches over thousands of acres of farmland?

Captivating and picturesque, this house sits atop a hill and overlooks panoramic views of lush woodlands and a breathtaking lake. This Vermont wedding venue is absolutely perfect for hosting a quiet and low-key Vermont wedding.

Amazing Vermont Wedding Staff

The best Vermont wedding locations may have all the amenities you are looking for, but that doesn’t really mean much if the service is unfriendly.

The Grand Isle Lake House caters to you and your wedding guests with the utmost kindness. Not only is the staff mindful of your needs, but they also go out of their way to meet them.

Room service, valet parking, interior decor, and culinary catering are just a few of the services that the Grand Isle Lake House offers!

Beautiful Landscapes

A baroque interior and colonial style building next to vast green pastures make an amazing background for all your Vermont wedding photography.

The landscapes at the Grand Isle Lake House will give you fantastic wedding portraits that are accentuated by surrounding flora and blue skies.

Grand Isle Lake House Wedding Photographer

There’s plenty of reasons for you to book your Vermont wedding at the Grand Isle Lake House. Once you have decided on this fabulous Vermont wedding venue, the next step is to hire a Vermont wedding photographer.

Make sure you hire the best Vermont wedding photographer to capture your day at the Grand Isle Lake House.

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