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Wedding Photography at the Hermitage Inn

Are you looking for a wedding venue that offers a perfect blend of traditional charm, elegance and beauty of the countryside along with modern luxuries? Then The Hermitage Inn is the Vermont wedding venue for you!

Being a Vermont wedding photographer means that I always enjoy wedding venues with beautiful, natural surroundings. This is one of the reasons I like shooting wedding photos at the Hermitage Inn. When you choose to hold your wedding here, you can be guaranteed some amazing wedding photographs.

Surrounded by lush green gardens, trees, and beautiful flowers, the Hermitage Inn offers multiple lodging options; the main House, Wine Wing, and Carriage House. It also offers some beautiful locations for wedding portraits.

The Hermitage Inn Vermont Wedding Venue

Established in 1962, Hermitage Inn has been renovated several times and has been expanded from a traditional hunting lodge to a modern country inn perfect for Vermont weddings.

What gives The Hermitage Inn a unique appeal is the fact that despite several renovations and additions, it has maintained its old charm and elegance. The artwork of Michel Delacroix, an acclaimed French artist, gives the Inn’s décor a unique grace and style.

Weddings at the Hermitage Inn

For weddings, the Hermitage offers multiple wedding venue options, both indoor and outdoor. You can choose to hold your wedding ceremony while standing in the beautiful flower garden or on the terrace amidst Vermont’s national Forest and Green Mountains and then host the wedding reception indoors in the main dining room.

The breathtaking beauty that surrounds the property will not only help you relax and throw away the pre-wedding stress, but it also serves as an ideal backdrop for wedding photos.

The Hermitage Country Inn also offers customized services, so you have the liberty to play with your ideas and imaginations on your wedding day.

When you choose to host your wedding at the Hermitage Inn, rest assured that your wedding guests will be treated with delicious food prepared using fresh local ingredients that will surely leave them craving for more.

The Hermitage Inn caters to weddings of all sizes, so whether you want to have an intimate wedding with only a few guests or planning for a grand gala, it is the right venue to make your wedding a memorable event.

Hermitage Inn Wedding Photography

Here, you and your wedding guests can also enjoy numerous activities, such as snow tubing, skating, fishing, mountain biking, swimming, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and sleigh riding.

For the non-adventurous guests and for younger members of your wedding party, there is a game room in the Hermitage Inn where a wide range of board games are available to keep them entertained. I could get some amazing candids in this room for you to add to your wedding photography album.

In short, the Hermitage has all the ingredients of a wonderful and memorable venue and can make your wedding events fun and memorable. Also, the scenic beauty of the place will offer opportunities for unique wedding photos.

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