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Planning on getting married in Vermont?

The Mountain Top Inn in Vermont is the perfect location for your wedding if you are looking for a backdrop of beautiful rolling mountains, picturesque landscapes, and pristine coastline. Spanning 350 acres, the resort offers a multitude of gorgeous sites for your ceremony, reception, and even wedding photos.

Whether you are interested in a summer or winter wedding, or anything in between, the Mountain Top Inn is one of the most beautiful places in Vermont to host the event and make it a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.

When getting married in Vermont, the Mountain Top Inn is an ideal retreat to forget about your worries and just focus on the moments that make your wedding day special.

Lakefront Beach Pavilion at Mountain Top Inn

The Mountain Top Inn offers plenty of venues for your wedding ceremony and reception. If you are interested in an outdoorsy wedding, the Lakefront Beach Pavilion is the perfect place for you to hold your ceremony or reception against stunning backdrops of the surrounding landscapes.

You can dance under the sky to lively music and calm floating water, all while being just a few steps away from the gorgeous shoreline.

Within the Lakefront Beach Pavilion, you get to choose the perfect location for your wedding ceremony. Each location is distinct with its own unique exquisite decor and scenic views for you to say ‘I Do’ in front of.

There’s no better place to get married in Vermont and make sure your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Barn at Mountain Top Inn

The Barn at the Mountain Top Inn is a magical setting to have your reception and host the post-wedding celebrations you’ve always dreamt of. It is also a great location if you want an indoor wedding.

The managers personalize the Barn to fit your wedding tastes and preferences, and they never disappoint. The flooring, decor, and windows are all customized to provide you with the perfect indoor setting to host a lovely wedding ceremony and dance the night away to lively folk music.

Getting Married at The Mountain Top Inn

When you choose to have your wedding at the Mountain Top Inn, you can coordinate with the managers about all of your plans. The staff will stick with you until the very end and make sure that things are exactly how you want them. The staff takes care of all the details for you.

The managers will work closely with you to decide menus and decor. The food is easily personalized to your preferences and the dietary restrictions of any of your wedding guests. Everything is carefully planned out and goes smoothly to brighten up your wedding day in the way only Vermont can with its unique style and tastes.

Along with wedding ceremonies and reception, there is also a wide range of facilities that are available to give you a full wedding experience and make sure you enjoy your post-wedding days to the fullest. The Mountain Top Inn offers activities such as golf, yoga, fishing, boating, horseback riding, and skiing, as well as spa services in the finest facilities of Vermont.

The accommodations overlook breathtaking views of mountains, meadows, and woods. This gives you have ample amounts of time, space, and opportunities to have your wedding photography sessions done and to make your wedding a tremendously unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Mountain Top Inn Wedding Photographer

I am proud to be a recommended wedding photographer at the Mountain Top Inn. There are many wedding photographers that you can choose to photograph your wedding at this beautiful Vermont destination. You just have to make sure to choose the best wedding photographer for you.

No matter who you choose to photograph your wedding, with dazzling sunsets and sunrises for backgrounds, your wedding portraits will be something that you can admire for years to come.

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