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Wedding Photography at the Pitcher Inn

Vermont has been the go-to state for couples in love. As a Vermont wedding photographer, I can see why. Vermont offers amazing wedding venues with views and locations that will make sure you end up with the best wedding photography possible.

Couples let their love brew as they enjoy the gorgeous scenery. This is also the reason why a lot of couples celebrate their weddings here.

The Pitcher Inn is the place to book if you’re looking for a beautiful Vermont wedding venue. Situated in the small yet romantic village of Warren, the Pitcher Inn is surrounded by wilderness, which makes for great wedding photographs.

Vermont Wedding Photography for all Seasons

The trees are located ideally on a lush bed of grass, both of which change characteristics to match the Vermont seasons. This will allow you to set your wedding date for any of the seasons.

You will not have to wait for it to be spring or autumn anymore to have your fairy tale wedding, because the scenery will always be picture perfect regardless. No matter what season you choose, the beautiful scenery at the Pitcher Inn will make your wedding photographs special.

Weddings at the Pitcher Inn

Because I am a Vermont wedding photographer, I love shooting weddings photos at the Pitcher Inn. Here are a few more reasons this Vermont wedding venue is great:

  • The charming garden of the inn can be lit with lanterns all around as the sun sets. You can also walk arm in arm with your loved one across the floral covered bridge and into the area where your family and friends would be waiting to celebrate your wedding with you. These settings will give you some amazing wedding photographs to treasure for years to come.

  • If you want to have a Vermont winter wedding, then you can opt for the Brook Room which has been decorated with stunning antique pieces and authentic art. This room is a beautiful setting for your wedding ceremony, and you will walk away with unique wedding photos.

  • The 275 Main, one of Vermont’s top quality restaurants is present here in the Pitchers Inn if you wish to treat the loved ones who came to celebrate your wedding to a luxurious Vermont dinner.

  • The wedding venue can accommodate up to 50 to 85 wedding guests.

Vermont Wedding Photographer at the Pitcher Inn

  • The Pitcher Inn team will show incredible creativity by converting the formal dining room into a living space, with inventive food items, dring stations stocked with a wide variety of alcohol to satiate everyone’s tastes, festive lighting, and floral decorations. Some amazing wedding photos will come out of this room.

  • The Pitcher Inn’s splendid suites and guest rooms are perfectly unique and comfortable for wedding guests. They also offer some nice locations for your getting ready wedding photos.

  • The chef will be cooking your entire wedding meal using vegetable grains, and meat coming directly from the farms of Vermont.

  • The Pitcher Inn also offers horse-drawn carriage, limousine, or dogsled services for the newlyweds to make their romantic escape. Your exit wedding photography is guaranteed to be amazing with these options.

The Pitcher Inn is an amazing Vermont wedding venue that will give you plenty of opportunities for some amazing and unique wedding photos.

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