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Shelburne Farms PhotographersVermont Sunset With Cows, Foliage, and the Mountains

Shelburne Farms Will Make Your Vermont Wedding Memorable! Shelburne Farms is one of the best places for destination weddings in Vermont.

Shelburne Farms is considered one of the most prestigious locations in Vermont. Shelburne Farms has all the beautiful elements that make Vermont weddings so great. This includes fresh foliage, and a rustic locale that transform your wedding day into nature’s wonderland.

What makes Shelburne farms different is the thought and care the owners put into catering to all your Vermont wedding needs? All of this makes Shelburne Farms one of the best Vermont wedding locations.

Here are some ways in which Shelburne Farms makes sure that your wedding day will be unforgettable.

The Host with the Most

Every wedding planner will warn you about locations and venue coordinators. The people in charge of your venue can make or break the wedding. Many coordinators prove to be rigid in their rules, and others do nothing but just give you space. Shelburne Farms is nothing like this. Shelburne Farms tries to be as flexible as possible when it comes to your Vermont wedding plans. They also provide you with many facilities that cater to all your Vermont wedding needs.

  • Timely Tasks: Delayed weddings and last-minute hang-ups are a few wedding pet peeves you have to tolerate. At Shelburne Farms, you can be guaranteed that you will never be late for your Vermont wedding!
  • Coveted Connections: Shelburne Farms collaborates with the reputable Let’s Pretend Catering and Vermont Tent Company to make sure all your Vermont Wedding needs are met.
  • Supporting Stables: Shelburne Farms has multiple stables that operate as your storage and dressing rooms for your wedding day.
  • Drunk on Love: Shelburne farms raises the bar on cocktail service by providing you with the glassware and pourers for your Vermont wedding.
  • Backup Plan: If the weather changes unexpectedly, you get to hold your Vermont wedding at a secondary location on the grounds.

Wedding Photographer for the Shelburne Farms

Overall, the facilities and services provided by Shelburne farms cover all the areas of your wedding day concerns.

Charitable Endeavors

Don’t know what to do with all your flowers after your Vermont wedding at Shelburne Farms? Talk to the event coordinator about donating your wedding flowers! The Vermont Recycles Flowers program uses your wedding flowers and redesigns them to make new bouquets for nursing homes, churches, hospitals, and other non-profits. This way, your wedding day can bring joy and happiness to others as well.

Shelburne Farms Weddings are Picture Perfect

At Shelburne Farms, your wedding ceremony will take place amidst the picturesque shores of Lake Champlain. You will also have the renowned Adirondack Mountains as your backdrop. Shelburne Farms also opens up their gardens and interiors upon request for the newlyweds.

The only thing left to do is hire a Vermont wedding photographer to capture all your special moments.

Shelburne Farms Wedding Photographer

If you want a spectacular Vermont wedding, then you should definitely take a look at Shelburne Farms. Once you have this fantastic Vermont wedding venue book, don’t forget to book the best Vermont wedding photographer to take pictures of your big day!

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