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A ship that brings sunshine and a mind at ease; that is what novelist Rudyard Kipling set out to build when he moved to Vermont.  And he did just that. With his wife, Caroline, and his infant daughter, Josephine, they built their home, Naulakha. It was while living in Naulakha that Kipling thought of and wrote some of his most famous novels: The Jungle Book, The Second Jungle Book, The Day’s Work, Captains Courageous, and much of his poetry.  

     With its breathtaking views of the Connecticut River and Mount Monadnock, Naulakha was a fantastic place to get ready for a Vermont wedding.  Last June, Sarah and Joe prepared for their wedding at Naulakha. The house itself is gorgeous and is a cross-architectural styling of a South Asian Indian bungalow and American Shingle style.   Kipling also designed the house for seclusion and privacy, which is perfect for preparing for an intimate ceremony like a wedding.

    Since bought by the Landmark Trust in 1992, Naulakha has been restored to almost the exact appearance as when Kipling resided in it and features many artifacts from Kipling and his family that are on display. Some of these artifacts include many of the books that Kipling owned which are proudly featured alongside Sarah’s wedding gown in this photo. Just taking a step in this historic house can make anyone feel the history and creativity that this house inspired. 

Location: Naulakha, Dummerston, Vermont.

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