Dancing Basin Harbor Weddings
Amy Bennett Photography

Basin Harbor on Lake Champlain has always been a very popular spot of couples to say their vows to spend the rest of their lives together. With the spectacular views of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains in Vermont, it’s no wonder that Sarah and James decided to hold their special day here. The harbor created a natural and relaxing tone to the event that encapsulated everyone involved. It seemed as though a director of a movie or play was controlling every detail of the day to make the ceremony perfect.

            And the wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a blissful June day with the sun shining and no chance of rain (and it rained quite a lot that month); it seemed that the universe wanted to make sure that Sarah and James had their wedding be everything they wanted. With that picture-perfect harbor that reminds me of the resort from Dirty Dancing, it was more than easy to get into a truly celebratory mood for the entire ceremony and reception.  Which, fun fact, the resort in Dirty Dancing was actually filmed in not just one, but two locations! At least for Sarah and James, they only needed the one.

Location: Basin Harbor Club Vergennes, Vermont.

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