The Inn at Essex Wedding
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The Inn at Essex Will Make Your Vermont Wedding Weekend Special

Are you planning a Vermont wedding weekend?

Vermont weddings have always been known for the true natural beauty they bring to the table. You are surrounded by lush green landscapes, majestic mountains, and the deep blue depths of Lake Champlain.

Couples can’t resist the temptation of hosting a weekend Vermont wedding that stretches over three joyful days.

When it comes to weekend weddings in Vermont, nobody does it better than the Essex. The wedding crew at the Essex are experts who have designed a wedding itinerary that is sure to please everyone!

Friday: The Perfect Vermont Wedding Venue

The day before your Vermont wedding is all about final touches and ushering wedding guests to their rooms. It’s also the time to make sure everyone starts the wedding weekend in high spirits!

Here’s what day one of your Vermont wedding weekend looks like at the Essex:

  • Sweet Arrival: Laden with local Vermont delicacies, the welcome bags you and your wedding guests receive contain treats like Lake Champlain Chocolates, mini maple syrup bottles, and Hollow Cider Donuts.

  • Perfect Practice: You rehearse your Vermont wedding with your wedding party and part and family. You all then get to head over to the junction for a delicious four-course meal.

  • Shuttle Away: Your wedding guests have the option of skipping the rehearsal dinner to visit Burlington using a shuttle service provided by the Essex.

  • Warm Up: You and your wedding guests can assemble at the onsite campfire ring at the Essex. The campfire vibe is elevated with smores, alcohol, and hearty meals from the Tavern.

Saturday: Unforgettable Vermont Wedding Moments

Your wedding day is important. The Essex Knows how to take care of every tiny detail to assure your Vermont wedding is flawless.

Here’s what the second day of your weekend Vermont wedding looks like.

  • Bridal Tea Party: The bride and her wedding party start the day in the spa to get ready for the Vermont wedding. They are served with finger sandwiches, fruits, and hot beverages.

  • Say Cheese: By noon, it is time for the wedding photos. Vermont wedding photographers have permission to use the gazebo, ponds, and gardens for their pictures.

  • Bright Nights: After a smooth wedding ceremony and a wonderful wedding reception, you have the chance to watch a spectacular fireworks display.

  • Midnight Delights: The newlyweds can partake in a midnight feast set up in their honeymoon suite. This includes a cheese platter, bubbly wine, and slices of the wedding cake. It’s perfect for celebrating your perfect Vermont wedding!

Sunday: The Last Hoorah

Spend the third day of your Vermont wedding weekend with a wedding brunch at the Essex. Your wedding guests will leave happy and full while you make to jet off to your honeymoon.

The Inn at Essex

In the end, it’s up to you to decide where to book your Vermont wedding. However, the Essex is clearly one of the best Vermont wedding locations if you want a weekend escapade.

The Essex Wedding Photographer

Destination weddings in Vermont are always beautiful affairs. Make sure you don’t compromise on the wedding album. When having you Vermont wedding at the Essex, make sure to hire the best Vermont wedding photographer.

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