Lake Weddings in Vermont
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Lake Champlain Vermont Weddings

This photograph is not perfectly posed, but that doesn’t take away from the creativity that the newlyweds exercised in deciding to take unique wedding photos on the lake instead of merely in front of it. There is a good feel to the photo despite the fact that it was orchestrated because everyone is having fun and no one is stiff. These are the kind of photos that make wedding photography a consistently fun and interesting career. It was taken because the couple asked for it and I was determined to make it happen, but I never would’ve thought of it on my own.

Waterside Weddings in Vermont

Eliza and Travis both loved water sports, so much so that the groom was out fishing before the ceremony. Their connection to the lake—both the bride and groom vacationed on Lake Champlain as kids—made this photo a natural fit for them. The two took off on separate boats before the ceremony, allowing them to enter through the water instead of walking down a typical aisle.

Their wedding day was rainy, so the clouds muted the colors of the breathtaking background, allowing the wedding party to be the real focus of this photo. The flowers really pop in this photo, as do some of the more brightly colored cocktails because they add color to this otherwise neutral and blue-toned picture. In order to get this angle, I was in a third boat, steered by one of the couple’s uncles.

Location: Addison, Vermont.

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