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You and your significant other have decided to get married, and now comes the real challenge: the wedding preparations. One of the biggest and most important decisions you will have to make is deciding on the perfect wedding venue.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Stowe, Vermont

An outdoor wedding in Stowe, Vermont might be the perfect choice for you. Not only does Stowe have amazing views with lush mountains, but Stowe also has plenty of great wedding venues for you to choose from to host your outdoor wedding.

As a Vermont wedding photographer, Stowe has some of my favorite wedding venues. Here are a few outdoor wedding venues located in Stowe, Vermont.

Stowe Mountain Lodge

If you seek elegance and charm in your outdoor wedding, then the Stowe Mountain Lodge is the perfect place for your Vermont wedding! Set atop the mountain peak, Stowe Mountain Lodge hosts a gorgeous wedding for you.

You can customize the décor and dining options according to your tastes as well. Whether it’s an intimate wedding or a grand event, Stowe Mountain Lodge accommodates all your needs to make your wedding day special!

Stowe Meadows

Promising privacy while being surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Stowe Meadows is the perfect venue for a destination wedding in Vermont. The expansive gardens which glisten with fresh blossoms are the perfect spot to hold your wedding ceremony.

Stowe Meadows prides in its exclusive treatment of the wedding hosts by offering customized settings to make the wedding all the more unique and picturesque. So celebrate your big day in the classic Stowe style at the Stowe Meadows!

Edson Hill

Marriage holds a sanctity that can neither be defied nor matched with any other life experience. So celebrate your wedding with your significant other in Vermont’s sweetest spot--Edson Hill in Stowe, Vermont.
Edson Hill serves to accentuate your event with unforgettable hospitality. With a 38-acre property of gardens and several lavish rooms at your disposal, the venue takes upon itself to guard your privacy, cater to your guests and present delectable dining options.

TopNotch Resort

As a Vermont wedding photographer, I know TopNotch Resort is one of the best Vermont wedding locations in Stowe. Offering you invigorating and spectacular gardens, it is the perfect destination for your outdoor wedding.

The chic tent placed outdoors has a capacity to host 20 to 250 wedding guests depending on whether you seek an exclusive or a grand wedding. You can customize your wedding catering and décor according to your desires.

Trapp Family Lodge

Bringing to Vermont an authentically Austrian setting, the Trapp Family Lodge is an exquisite venue to host your fairytale outdoor wedding at! A stretch of 2,500 acres of greenery is bequeathed to you where you can pledge your promises of a beautiful future in complete privacy or amongst hundreds of guests.

Stowe, Vermont Wedding Photography

The wedding venue you choose will not only be engraved in your memory, it will also be encapsulated in wedding photographs that will remind you of this timeless, magical moment! So make sure to hire the best Vermont wedding photographer to capture wedding photos that will be delightful to look back on!

Location: Stowe, Vermont.

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