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Ice Skating Wedding at Stowe Mountain Resort | Albert & Laura

Albert and Laura were married on January 21st, with a ceremony at the ice skating rink at Stowe Mountain Resort and a reception at Spruce Camp.

My job takes me to unique places and amazing celebrations, but I could never have guessed that I would find myself shooting an ice skating wedding at Stowe Mountain! Albert had convinced Laura to get married with the concept of an ice skating celebration, and it was clear from the beginning that everyone was stunned by this spectacular, magical setting—the first outdoor ceremony for the rink!

Everyone in the wedding party skated out to their positions when it was time for the ceremony. Their brother-in-law, Jacob Meyer, officiated, standing at center ice as everyone arrived with hot drinks and snacks in anticipation of the show. Their sweet little flower girl, 7-year-old Sofia, and ringbearer, 13-year-old Teddy, skated out and did a mini-loop to join the others.

Then, under the lights at Spruce Peak, the bride took to the ice. Rather than a wedding dress, Laura was sporting a skating dress, complete with a cape to keep her warm—a good idea, since the weather was inclement that day. My second shooter, David and I felt like we were both sports AND wedding photographers as we watched the amazing performance and procession!

As soon as Albert and Laura were married, they went into their “first ice dance.” They had been putting in hours and hours of practice for this performance, and their hard work and dedication showed through. Especially for Albert! He is a seasoned hockey player. Not, an ice dancer. He worked very hard to perfect the choreography and look graceful in the process, especially with a partner with Laura's talent. They both nailed the performance for their 200 plus guests.

In a true twist on the cocktail hour, all the guests were invited onto the rink for a free skate. It was obvious that Laura and Albert wanted their guests to be well taken care of and comfortable—and to have fun. Everyone out on the ice had a blast, and then, just before we headed off to the Base Camp for the reception, Laura once again took to the ice. This time, it was for a performance with her bridesmaids, and the three of them were spectacular!

Carly Donowick and Jonathon Hunt, from Ice Dance International, joined them out on the ice and put on a performance for the guests as well. The whole thing was incredible and absolutely unforgettable!

Then, it was off to the indoor reception, where Laura and Albert performed one more time for their guests with a beautiful tango. Laura wore her tango dress throughout the reception—and then took off the skirt for the performance!

Thank you, Albert & Laura for trusting me to capture this spectacular event. While every wedding is unique, I must say that this was one of the most ambitious weddings to plan, execute, and photograph.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t also praise the efforts of Nancy Jeffries-Dwyer from NJOY Events and the Stowe Mountain Resort staff. They truly brought the day together—taking an ambitious plan and turning it into an unforgettable Vermont winter wedding!