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Vermont Family Photography | The Miller Family

We had the distinct pleasure of doing a Vermont family photoshoot with the Millers this past week. They graciously allowed us to visit their home on the shore of Lake Champlain where we had a playground of wonderful locations to shoot. The children were so exited and their enthusiasm shows in the photos. Thank you Grace, Ava and Sullivan for such a fun time.

Vermont family photography works well when the day is coordinated and the children show their unique personalities. I loved watching Sully play basketball and kick a soccer ball on the beach. His playful attitude was contagious. The girls were strong, athletic and stunning. Most importantly, I felt the connection between the kids. Such a beautiful family photoshoot.

I always recommend several outfits changes throughout a family photoshoot. The more organized the family, the more locations we can shoot which allows us to deliver a variety of photos. Kristy did an amazing job coordinating the kids. I am thankful for her help as it made my job such a joy. I love being invited to someones home for a family photoshoot. Having a familiar location puts the kids at ease and makes outfit changes so simple. Further, it adds relevance to the locations and adds a soul to the photos. There is a story behind the tree swing in the backyard or the basketball hoop in the driveway. To finish with the sunset on the beach was the perfect way to end this truly beautiful Vermont Family Photoshoot. I encourage everyone to consider doing your family photos at a location that has meaning and history to you and your children. This tells the story of their childhood and creates images that are unique. I love shooting outdoors and using the natural light to highlight the incredible Vermont scenery.

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