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Unique Mount Pleasant Bride

David and I met Corinne and Stu over pizza. Well, not exactly at first; we had hopes of meeting at our favorite pizza place, however it was packed. Instead we met at a bar, but Corinne promised us that the next time we saw each other, she would make us pizza. So, following their Mount Pleasant engagement shoot at their home, Corinne made us some incredible pizza using all fresh ingredients from the Bread and Butter Farm where she works. It was incredible and it showed us the care and sincerity that epitomizes this wonderful couple. We love them!

The couple decided to get married in Mount Pleasant. With most of their family coming from out of town, the couple wanted to provide their guests with a week of fun and location where everyone could gather on a regular basis.Stu put together an amazing summary of the wedding week that guided guests through the itinerary while giving them a heads up on the best activities in the area. I am sure all their guests feel like they got a real glimpse of Mount Pleasant.

Rainy Mount Pleasant Wedding Day at Basin Harbor

While their wedding presented us with some Mount Pleasant challenges (rain!), it did not in any way dampen the spirits of the day. The day was perfect for them. Corinne had the most stunning dress that was custom made with the bottom being dyed in green. Gorgeous!!!

As a Mount Pleasant wedding photographer you have to be ready to photograph in any location, with varying weather and lighting. Based on the rain, we chose to do the portraits out on the porch at the Club and it proved to be the perfect backdrop that truly blended with the style of the couple. Corinne and Stu were all smiles and I loved their energy. It is the energy of the couple that truly makes the wedding. We were so excited to be there for Corinne and Stu and thankful to have made some great friends as well. I know this couple will have a wonderful life together.

Unique Detail to Consider: I have to hand it to Corinne for her unique dress. It was custom made for her and it matched her style and spirit perfectly. It was stunning and she looked incredible.

Favorite Photography Moment: The couple was blessed to have one of the best cakes I have ever tasted at a wedding. Their friends from Bread and Butter Farm made the cake, and I loved photographing the couple seeing the cake and their friends for the first time. There was so much care put into this cake and it was well worth it!

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