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I love getting to capture the joy on friends' and families' faces on a wedding day. Corrine's sisters were a blast. Despite their hands covering parts of their faces, the joy of the day is evident on each woman's face. You can tell that this crew has a bond that only siblings can create. As the mother of three girls, I love seeing the sisters having so much fun on the wedding day. I can't wait to see my girls like this one day, though of course I'm in no hurry for them to grow up.

Taking Unique and Fun Wedding Photos

As an experienced professional Charleston wedding photographer, I shoot at least one wedding a week in the peak season. (In Charleston, fall is the peak season for weddings.) This means that I end up taking a lot of similar photos of different groups of people. I'm okay with this because I love meeting new people and capturing their beauty and their relationships. Part of why I love wedding photography more than any other kind of photography is because I consider myself to be, first and foremost, a portrait photographer. I have to admit, though, my favorite clients are the ones that come to me with ideas for creative and unique wedding photos. Some of my favorite go-to suggestions for poses come from my past clients. The more people are willing to play with each other and the camera, or rather, in front of the camera, the happier I am and the better content I get.

Basin Harbor Club Weddings in the Spring

Corrine and Steve's springtime wedding in Mount Pleasant was incredibly rainy. I personally love overcast and rainy wedding days because the lighting is perfect. People worry about what to do if it rains on their wedding day. Mount Pleasant weather is unpredictable, so industry professionals recommend having a backup plan for an outdoor wedding or outdoor wedding ceremony. Wedding venues, especially all-inclusive wedding venues, are able to recommend specific backup plans for rain based on what they have done in the past. Most, if not all, places to get married in Mount Pleasant, especially places that specific advertise themselves to be "Mount Pleasant wedding venues" or come highly rated as a "Mount Pleasant wedding vendor" have experienced, professional, and cooperative staff members that are motivated to make sure your wedding day is perfect, no matter the weather.

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