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Bride and Groom Portraits on luxury boat

There is an element of surprise that everyone strives for when taking wedding portraits by boat. Wedding portraits on a boat can bring excitement and adventure to those who are used to regular photos in gardens and on beaches. After your magical ceremony, you will enjoy the breeze on a boat ride.

Charleston Wedding Photos on a Boat

As a wedding photographer on the water, I get to witness and capture some of the most beautiful moments in life. Weddings are about so much more than just one day; they're about the memories that last forever. I love being able to share such an intimate moment with my clients by capturing it through photography. As someone who lives near or has access to a boat, you may be asking yourself - How do I find a wedding photographer that will take wedding photographs on my boat?

Here are seven questions you should ask when looking for your perfect fit:

  • Location?
  • What is their style?
  • Do they have experience photographing photos on boats?
  • How many people will be present at your ceremony/reception?
  • How long are they available for?
  • What is their contract like?
  • Is there anything additional you will have to pay for?

Definition(s) of photography on a boat can include, but aren't limited to: Photography on a yacht (a large, luxurious boat) Photographing on a speed boat (fast, dangerous boats used for racing or high-speed water sports) Photography aboard a cruise ship (in the cabin, at ports of call, etc.)

As always, make sure to check ahead of time if your wedding venue is accessible by marine transportation. If not, you may have to rent a boat from another source.

When trying to find a wedding photographer that will photograph on a boat, check with your friends and family for recommendations, or go online and search for local photographers who seem like they may be the right fit. When you interview them over the phone, ask what boats they have worked with in the past and what the experience was like. Ask them to walk you through a wedding of their own that they have worked on a boat. A good photographer should be able to explain to you how they work, and what is expected of everyone on your special day. They need to know how long it takes for everyone involved in the process - from putting the boat in the water and parking it to pulling out of the dock, alongside any motorized boat traffic.

In addition to checking references, talk with past clients about how their experience was as a whole. If they do not have at least a few positive things to say about your potential wedding photographer on a boat, move along to another candidate. This is your wedding and you need to make sure you're hiring someone who is going to give their all.

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