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A wedding assistance is almost as important as having the right camera and the proper lenses. Being a wedding photographer in Charleston you take on long days and sunny weather. Shooting for 12 hours requires stamina, endurance and patience. I bring three bags of equipment that includes extra camera bodies, lenses and lighting. Having someone to care for this equipment throughout the day and keep my body free of bags and straps is critical to getting the best shoots at the right times. I need to react and move quickly while not worrying about my gear. Further, I need someone to look after me! My husband always tells me to make sure to eat and drink. Sounds so simple, but I cannot tell you how many times, I have come back from shooting a wedding realizing that I forgot to eat…The best assistants for wedding photographers keep your lenses clean, your gear safe, your batteries charged and your body nourished. Oh yeh, they are also responsible for your memory cards. Choose wisely…it can make or break your day.

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