Bride and Father Beach Aisle
Amy Bennett Photography
Brittany and Don In Barbados

Bride and Father Beach Aisle

Brittany was a stunning bride and it was really special to capture this moment because of her strong bond with her father. This was one of Brittany’s favorite parts of her wedding. She said, “It is a surreal moment to walk down the aisle as a bride, arm-in-arm with your father and that is a moment that I will never forget.” Her father was clearly very excited to be a part of his daughter’s special day—he was the first one to post photos on Facebook after the wedding.

         As the Wedding and Events Coordinator for the Burlington Country Club, Brittany is no stranger to weddings and she knew exactly what she wanted her own wedding to be like. This walk was clearly a moment she appreciated in other weddings and looked forward to in her own.

Since the wedding was at a Sandals resort in Barbados, there was a bit of a problem with hangers-on. People are naturally drawn to the excitement of weddings and if they see one at a resort, they tend to hang around to watch. This can be difficult photography-wise because they are often wearing bright outfits that can be distracting at the edges or in the background of photos. I aim for wedding photographs to be clean and editorial and as a result, sometimes has to ask people to leave if they weren’t invited to the wedding, or spend hours editing them out later on. 

Location: Barbados .